DJI Phantom 3 Advanced - $600


DJI Phantom 3 Advanced Drone
DJI Phantom 3 Advanced Controller
One extra OEM DJI Battery
12v Car Charger for charging batteries on the go
Hard Case w/ Custom Cut Foam
Original Box with paperwork
Original Wall Charger
Two Gimbal Guards for transport
Carbon Fiber Landing Gear Support
One extra set of OEM DJI Propellers (Brand New)

Untitled photo

I purchased this drone brand new from Best Buy and it is in nearly new condition still. It functions and flies flawlessly and has never failed me. This drone has all the power needed to fly with confidence in moderate winds. I have flown this in the Columbia River Gorge and the Oregon Coast several times. Compared with some of the more compact drones available this one has a lot more power and stability. I've been able to get photos and videos in conditions that other drones struggled.

It has always been in the hard case with a gimbal guard installed. The carbon fiber landing gear support was installed when the drone was brand new.

The hard case has custom cut foam specific for this drone and allows you to store the drone with props attached. No need to removed and reinstall them every time. The foam has a cut out for the extra battery and room to cut out for another still. There is a spot for the controller and another small organizer for extra parts. There is also a cut out that stores the extra props. The case is water, dust, and weather proof. It also doubles as a great launch/landing pad. That is why you see a little dust on the case, I tend to set the case down and let the drone have clean air.

The smart batteries are always run to empty before charging and have never been stored fully charged. They function as new and offer well over 20 minutes of flight time per battery. The OEM charger is included as well as a 12 volt car charger to charge batteries on the go.

Sample Photos Taken With This Drone