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Back in 2001 I purchased my first digital camera, a small Sony Cybershot point and shoot and I was quickly addicted to photography. I learned all I could with that little camera before progressing to more modern and capable equipment.

As my love for photography grew so did my love for the outdoors and activities surrounding it. Almost instantly my two activities became one and I started growing my portfolio of landscape photography. 

The natural transgression at some point led to portrait photography. While greatly different landscape photography I still find a great level of enjoyment in creating wonderful portraits and even better yet, being able to combine the two.

Many photographers want to specialize in one area and there is nothing wrong with that. I however like to say that my specialty is having no specialty. Over the years I have been fortunate enough to photograph some of the most beautiful landscapes, wonderful portraits, incredible weddings, unique vehicles/products, modern cityscapes/architecture, realtor property photos, aerial drone photography, and many many more unique photo opportunities.